City of Philadelphia Partners with FORWARD to Administer $1.7 Million Real Estate Tax Credit Program

The City of Philadelphia and FORWARD are joining forces to provide financial relief to homeowners facing the challenge of rising real estate tax bills. Through the City of Philadephia Real Estate Tax Credit Program, eligible homeowners can now receive tax credits through a special fund to support with increasing real estate tax bills. 

“The City of Philadelphia is committed to investing in the community of Philadelphia through this Tax Credit Program. This Tax Credit Program allows Philadelphia homeowners to find financial relief from increasing real estate tax bills.”

– Jim Kenney, Mayor of the City of Philadelphia

Eligibility Requirements for the City of Philadelphia Real Estate Tax Credit Program

The City of Philadelphia and FORWARD partnered to design these eligibility criteria to ensure that the Tax Credit Program benefits the residents who need it most, promoting economic well-being within the Philadelphia community. To qualify for this program, applicants must meet specific criteria:

  • Residence in Philadelphia: Applicants must live within the City of Philadelphia.
  • Property Ownership: To be eligible, you must be the legal owner and submit proof of primary residency.
  • Substantial Tax Increase: The property tax bill must have increased by 50% or more between the 2022 and 2023 tax assessments.
  • Income Threshold: Household income must be at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI).

A User-friendly Real Estate Tax Credit Solution for Local Government

The City of Philadelphia approved FORWARD as the program administrator contractor to assist with community outreach, application support, and screening for eligibility in a way that uses taxpayer dollars efficiently. Applicants can expect the following:

  • To apply through FORWARD’s online application portal, available in 68 languages
  • Access to application support available in multiple languages via phone, text, and email
  • To submit proof of primary residency, income, and identification.

A Collaborative Approach FORWARD

FORWARD is honored to partner with the City of Philadelphia to Philadelphia Real Estate Tax Credit Program. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the program is executed efficiently and effectively, delivering the best possible outcomes for the environment and the community.

“FORWARD is proud to provide end-to-end programming support to the City of Philadelphia as the City launches its Real Estate Tax Credit Program. Our team is excited to be a part of the City of Philadelphia’s commitment to reduce the financial burden placed on Philadelphia homeowners.”

– Adnan Mahmud, CEO of FORWARD

Learn more about the City of Philadelphia Real Estate Tax Credit program!

FORWARD partners with government and nonprofit leaders to deliver resources to communities through custom solutions and human-centered technology. Our team automates complex program administration processes that increase back-office capacity, improve transparency and trust with data, and break down silos to unlock coordination and service delivery quickly and securely — all while maintaining compliance.

Join the City of Philadephia and start accelerating opportunity and access for your community. 

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