Direct Cash Assistance Program Management Solution

Securely administer direct cash assistance to communities in need.


Administer Guaranteed Basic Income Programs Securely and Equitably

We want you to feel empowered and informed when administering direct cash assistance, which is why our team is here to help you through every stage of the process. From design to application review to award distribution to reporting and more, FORWARD’s direct cash assistance program management solution will help you do it all. 

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Fast-FORWARD economic mobility for low-income households

80% of our team have worked in the public sector and leverage our expertise to innovate and deliver efficiently. Our team act as your thought partner to design custom solutions using technology and people to help government and nonprofit leaders accelerate equity and access for their community. We work with you through every part of the process to ensure you.

Here’s how FORWARD simplifies direct cash assistance programs. 

Program Design

FORWARD is here to assist you from the very beginning. We help design your program to ensure it’s successful. Here’s how.

Strategic Development

FORWARD program experts collaborate with your team to design equitable and accessible programs. With our direct cash assistance program management solution, we help strategically develop your program to make a lasting impact.

Human-Centered Technology and Design

Our user-friendly and customizable application gives applicants a smooth experience. With an online portal in 68 languages and mobile-friendly features, we make it easy to keep in touch with clients. Our local government direct cash assistance program management solution also helps you communicate with clients directly from their application profile through the communications center.

Community Partnership Management

We collaborate with local community-based organizations that are trusted messengers within their communities. With these partnerships, we can extend our reach to target communities and ensure direct cash assistance programs are available to those who need them most. We provide comprehensive training and support on your guaranteed basic income program for community partners to ensure they have the tools they need to support the local community. Through training and support, we strive to empower government leaders and nonprofit partners to administer direct cash assistance effectively. We also aim to amplify existing collaboration and impact between governments and nonprofits.

Program Management & Implementation

After designing your direct cash assistance program management solution, we ensure smooth implementation with the following features:

End-To-End Program Management

FORWARD provides support every step of the way — from program design to launch, application intake and processing, award distribution, and reporting.

Funder Compliance and Reporting

Our custom dashboard and funder reporting options guarantee compliance with program requirements.

Payment Facilitation

Payment facilitation is critical for ensuring payments reach the intended recipients securely and efficiently. Here’s how our direct cash assistance program management solution can help.

Streamlined Payment Facilitation

We offer flexible payment distribution options, such as checks, ACH, or prepaid cards, ensuring funds are delivered efficiently to recipients.

Fraud Prevention

During the design phase, we enforce fraud prevention safeguards into our local government direct cash assistance program management solution. Trained staff members review applications for fraud risk and escalate suspicious applications to a Fraud Subject Matter Expert.

Customer Support

Our multilingual call center is available via phone, text, and email to provide technical assistance to applicants. We track payment fulfillment to applicants to ensure they can access the funds they need.










How We Help

Here’s how our local government direct cash assistance program management solution can help your agency succeed.

  • Provide basic income. Our solution enables local governments to provide a basic income, offering individuals a financial safety net during hard times.
  • Enable wealth building. We empower people to build financial stability and invest in their futures.
  • Build trust. Our community partnerships create trust between government agencies and the communities they serve.
  • Prevent waste, fraud, and abuse. We ensure funds get to the right people while minimizing waste and fraud. 

See FORWARD In Action

FORWARD worked with the City of Takoma Park, MD, to provide cash assistance to eligible households negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about how we worked closely with the City on direct cash assistance program management. 

  • Distributing $1.3M in direct cash assistance to Takoma Park households
  • 1,346 households received a one-time direct cash assistance grant of $1,000 
  • Prevented 287 instances of fraud, resulting in significant savings of more than $287,000
  • Held two in-person application intake events to target an underserved monolingual-Amharic Ethiopian population

“Takoma City residents continue to be burdened by the economic ramifications of the pandemic and are in need of immediate relief. FORWARD expanded the City’s capacity to manage the direct cash program while being sensitive to the cultural, linguistic, and technology needs of the community, mitigating potential barriers for community members.”

– Roz Grigsby, Community Development Manager for Planning, City of Takoma Park

Combat Systemic Poverty, Drive Social and Economic Upward Mobility, and Make a Difference in Your Community

With FORWARD, you can make a more significant impact with less hassle — regardless of your team size. Our direct cash assistance management solution makes it easier for you to make a positive impact in your company or community. When you choose to move FORWARD with us, you can:

  • Allow government program administrators to focus on serving and improving communities instead of program operations. 
  • Enhance community accessibility and improve applicant experiences. 
  • Increase economic opportunity for low-income households
  • Support workforce development by making it easier for individuals to pursue education, build new skills, and get jobs 
  • Promote innovation by reducing the cost of research and development. 
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A nimble and adaptable back-office superpower, FORWARD is being leveraged by governments and nonprofits across the nation to streamline program workflows and increase capacity to help households and businesses towards economic resiliency.

FORWARD administers economic and community development programs, including but not limited to the following programs:


Work With FORWARD Today

Our local government direct cash assistance program management solution helps governments and agencies assist those who need it most. Contact us today to learn more about how we can partner with your agency to positively impact your community.