Disaster Relief Grants Management Solution

Empowering Governments to Allocate Relief Funds Efficiently.

Efficient Disaster Relief Grant Management with FORWARD

Swift and equitable relief distribution is crucial in helping communities recover and rebuild after a disaster. FORWARD’s grants management experts partner with government and organization leaders to implement disaster relief grants management solutions to streamline the administration of disaster relief funds for governments and equitably and securely get resources to people who need it most. 


Disaster Relief Can Take Months Without Automation

In the midst of a disaster, there’s no time to waste. Communities dealing with a crisis can’t afford to sit idly by as months pass to receive disaster relief funds. But often, overburdened government administrators tend to face resource constraints, including staffing shortages, outdated technology, and more that can delay application review, processing, and relief distribution.

FORWARD changes all of that. With our disaster relief grants management solution for governments, wait times can be cut down from months to weeks or even days, so you can swiftly assist those in distress. FORWARD’s human-centered platform and expert team eliminate the busy work through automation and ensure efficient and equitable intake and review of applications.


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Monitor Applications, Disperse Funds, and Track Data

Government disaster relief grants management should be seamless to ensure maximum impact. That’s why our solution offers a comprehensive suite of features that address the managerial aspects of relief funding.

With support from our team of program managers and specialists, we empower you to streamline operations and make data-driven decisions through the following features:


Program Design

FORWARD is here to assist you from the very beginning. We help design your program to ensure it’s successful. Here’s how.

Dedicated Program Management Team

With FORWARD, you get a dedicated program manager and a team of experts who act as your thought partner and manage the day-to-day operations of your program so you can focus on strategy and meeting your goals. 

Custom User-Friendly Application Portal

Our user-friendly online application portal is fully-customizable on the back-end and makes it easy for applicants to access and complete their submissions. The portal is available in 68 languages and can be tailored to your program’s specific requirements, which allows you to capture the data you need and improves access for diverse communities.

Efficient Eligibility Verification

FORWARD simplifies and expedites the eligibility verification process with a high degree of accuracy. Our government disaster relief grants management solution automates the verification of eligibility criteria to minimize manual effort and allocate funds to those who meet the necessary qualifications.

Program Management & Implementation

After designing your disaster relief grants management solution, we ensure smooth implementation with the following features:

Multilingual Support

We prioritize accessibility and inclusivity. Our dedicated multilingual support center offers community application assistance via call, text, and email. This ensures community members can navigate the application process and seek help in their preferred language.

Automated Communication

With FORWARD, it’s easy to stay on top of applicant communication. Our Communications Center allows you to send and receive phone calls, texts and emails directly from the applicant’s profile. With FORWARD’s Communications Center, you can provide timely updates to applicants while tracking all inbound and outbound communications in one centralized platform for ease of reporting and auditing.

Launch Quickly With Robust Fraud Prevention

FORWARD prioritizes integrity in distributing disaster relief funds. Our highly trained specialists are skilled in detecting fraud in all its forms, and our platform is equipped with robust fraud prevention features to ensure aid is dispersed efficiently and fairly to those who truly need it.

  • Transparency and Accountability: Our reporting and monitoring dashboards provide clear, shareable insights for transparency in the aid distribution process. This gives stakeholders and the public confidence that funds are being efficiently and equitably allocated.

  • Expert Review: Our team of specialists diligently reviews applications and documentation to verify eligibility and prevent fraudulent activity. They are trained to spot irregularities and quickly address any potential issues. If any cases of suspected fraud are identified, our expert fraud specialists promptly investigate and recommend appropriate corrective actions.

  • Advanced Data Security: FORWARD employs advanced data security measures that prevent suspicious and fraudulent activities from the onset. 

FORWARD’s fraud prevention and data security measures minimize delays and maximize relief impact. Rest assured that, with our help, your program will be equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to stop fraud in its tracks.

Comprehensive Data Tracking and Reporting

We believe in the power of data-driven decision-making and turning data into action to drive positive change within communities. With our solution’s comprehensive reports and real-time data dashboards, you can effortlessly track crucial data and gain valuable insights into the impact of your disaster relief program from beginning to end:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: FORWARD’s dynamic reporting allows you to monitor key metrics and progress while the program is ongoing, which enables timely adjustments and optimizations.

  • Impact Measurement: Our reporting capabilities also offer precise data analysis that helps you understand the true impact of your relief efforts. These reports also enable you to assess the effectiveness of your program, identify areas of success, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

  • Needs Analysis: If you need a clearer picture of the communities you serve, FORWARD’s reporting capabilities and live data dashboards allow you to examine demographic data and areas of need so you can make sure your assistance reaches the most vulnerable and deserving populations.

  • Regulatory Reporting: Our team of reporting specialists are an extension of your team, helping take care of reporting to stakeholders and ensuring you stay in compliance with funder requirements. 

  • Post-Program Evaluation: Once your disaster relief program is complete, the insights gathered from FORWARD reports will help you to conduct a thorough post-program evaluation. You’ll be able to determine your overall success, learn valuable lessons, and refine your approach for future relief initiatives.

Collaborate with Local Community-Based Organizations to Provide Direct Relief

Local community-based organizations play a vital role in disaster relief efforts. By fostering collaboration with agencies and expanding outreach through trusted messengers, FORWARD ensures relief assistance for those who need it the most.

  • Foster Collaboration with Agencies: We work hand-in-hand with local agencies to forge strong partnerships that optimize the reach and impact of disaster relief programs. By combining our expertise with the local knowledge and connections of these organizations, we can identify and support the most vulnerable communities more strategically.

  • Expand Outreach to Affected Populations: Trusted community messengers are essential in engaging with crisis-affected populations. We collaborate with these messengers to extend the reach of relief programs and make assistance accessible to diverse communities, including those historically underserved.

As we help to facilitate collaboration with local organizations, we can bridge gaps, provide essential support, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of disaster-affected communities.

The FORWARD Approach to Disaster Relief in NW Washington

Thanks to FORWARD’s assistance and collaboration with community-based organizations, the Washington State Department of Commerce was able to quickly and equitably distribute disaster relief funds to eligible businesses affected by flooding between October 2021 and April 2022. FORWARD’s program administration support streamlined the process, ensuring efficient application intake, review, and award distribution. 

  • Distributed $7,388,125 in disaster relief to more than 110 eligible businesses that sustained physical damage or economic loss due to the flooding that occurred between October 2021 and April 2022 
  • Collaborated with a coalition of community-based organizations to provide outreach and program support
  • Conducted direct outreach to business applicants to gather attestations to ensure an equitable awarding and prevent fraudulent activity

“As a small business owner, I have many roles and tasks to perform to ensure business operations are running smoothly. With that, time is valuable. The overall process for the NW Disaster Grant Program was transparent, straightforward, and organized. Their communication was clear, efficient, and effective both via email and over the telephone. The individuals are caring and compassionate people. Overall, I had a great experience”

– Bellingham Wedding & Event Rentals, NW Disaster Grant Program Award Recipient










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