FORWARD’s technology saves taxpayer dollars with new Integrated Program Administration platform

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2022 — FORWARD, formerly known as LiveStories, announces the successful administration of over $700M across programs ranging from emergency rental assistance for low-income households to grants for small businesses. FORWARD, is a new Integrated Program Administration (IPA) solution serving local governments with an innovative approach to administering assistance programs more securely, quickly and efficiently.

FORWARD addresses the critical needs of state and local governments racing to fill gaps in delivering community resources as the need to administer assistance programming outpaces staff capacity to reach constituents.

Formerly known as LiveStories, FORWARD has grown from a government data analytics platform to a streamlined solution for administering government programs.

“FORWARD understands that with the extraordinary financial pressures people face, communities need a comprehensive solution that will get assistance programming dollars distributed quickly, securely and at a lower cost to taxpayers,” said Adnan Mahmud, CEO and Founder of FORWARD. “The pandemic exacerbated systemic challenges facing government agencies to deliver assistance. We are already seeing how our integrated program administration solution is providing a new way for government employees to distribute funding efficiently and equitably, strengthening government leaders’ ability to better serve their constituents.”

Over the past two years, the number of assistance programs has grown exponentially with federal policymakers responding to the aftershocks of the pandemic. In 2020, five relief bills provided $3.3T in aid and in 2021 the American Rescue Plan Act provided $1.8T, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

An expanded focus on combating fraud and reaching underserved populations has added complexity to the administration of government assistance programs, while government agencies find themselves short-staffed with over 928,000 open jobs in local government per the Rockefeller Institute. FORWARD’s integrated workflow allows government agencies to do more with their existing staffing resources by relieving administrative burdens. The platform allows governments to deliver more programs and more assistance with a streamlined solution that can get up and running in as little as two weeks. This results in more efficient and more secure administration, resulting in more taxpayer dollars going directly to the people that need them the most.

“FORWARD as a back-office superpower has been invaluable, especially when it comes to assistance programs,” said Martha Chaudhry, Special Projects, Economic Development at the City of Kirkland, WA where FORWARD is being used to distribute over $450,000 in small business loans.

The FORWARD Platform brings together all the services, technology, and people necessary for program administration. FORWARD’s team connects with community organizations to drive program awareness, runs marketing and targeted outreach campaigns, collects paper and digital applications in multiple languages, and provides multilingual application support via phone, text, and email. Once applications are submitted, FORWARD reviews and processes applications, screens them for eligibility, and conducts multi-factor fraud detection. When it is time to distribute funds, FORWARD distributes payments by ACH, check, or prepaid cards. FORWARD also handles all required reporting and provides interactive program dashboards so customers can monitor their program in real-time and provide essential data to complete regulatory agencies multifaceted reporting guidelines.

“New leaders and the public are demanding we reimagine the way governments serve constituents. The FORWARD team is already administering over $700,000,000 and is well equipped to support state and local governments through every step of their program administration process with equity and security at the center of everything we do,” added Mahmud.

The FORWARD team works with government departments and agencies on program design and applies their experiences with best practices from other communities. To learn more about the FORWARD Platform, visit


The FORWARD Platform is the leading comprehensive Integrated Program Administration (IPA) solution for state and local governments across America. FORWARD modernizes the government’s approach to administering programs by integrating all essential services, components, people, and technology into a single streamlined and secure solution. From setting up the application back-end, community outreach and marketing, support in multiple languages, eligibility screening, fraud detection, distribution, to reporting, the platform distributes resources faster than ever before while also cutting waste and fraud. FORWARD has already helped governments administer dozens of programs to get resources to their citizens and businesses quickly, cost-effectively, and securely. To learn more visit

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