Homeless service providers in Washington are eligible for up to $4,000 in economic relief 

Washington State Department of Commerce is teaming up with FORWARD to award $51 million in stipends to low-income homeless service employees through the Homeless Service Workers Stipend Program. FORWARD is providing the program infrastructure and is collaborating with BDS Planning & Urban Design to connect homeless service employees with much-needed financial assistance.

Homeless service workers working in Washington State with an immediate economic need and individual income at or below the 80% AMI threshold relative to the applicant’s county of employment or the applicant’s county of residence may be eligible for a stipend of up to $2,000. A second stipend payment of up to $2,000 is also available for individuals who received an initial stipend payment and who are still working for the same eligible organization six months after approval of the first stipend payment. Only those who have been approved for the first stipend payment will be eligible for a second stipend payment.

First stipend payment application opens September 29, 2022!

To learn more about the program, and to apply, visit HomelessWorkerStipend.com.

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Questions about applying?
If you need assistance or have questions about your application, contact the Program Administrator Helpline. Call (855) 582-3973 or email stipendwa-support@livestories.zendesk.com.

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