Milpitas Deploys PLHA Funds to Strengthen Housing Assistance with FORWARD Partnership

Launching Permanent Local Housing Authority (PLHA) Housing Solutions FORWARD

The City of Milpitas, California, is making substantial strides in addressing its housing challenges by deepening its partnership with FORWARD. FORWARD will take on the administration of the City’s Workforce Housing Rental Assistance Program (WHRAP), funded by the Permanent Local Housing Authority (PLHA). These funds will be leveraged to meet the unmet housing needs of the larger Milpitas community.

Having previously collaborated with FORWARD in administering the City’s ARPA Small Business Grant Program, ARPA Rent and Mortgage Relief, and CDBG Grant Program, the City of Milpitas wholeheartedly backed this expansion. Staff noted, “FORWARD has the technology and human resources to expedite the needs of the City, and staff has established a great working relationship with FORWARD.”

Fostering Trusted Partnerships to Deliver Impactful Solutions

This partnership marks a major milestone in Milpitas’ ongoing efforts to address housing challenges and provide vital community support. By choosing FORWARD to administer the WHRAP, the City takes a significant step towards ensuring effective housing assistance reaches those in need. FORWARD serves as a trusted partner, empowering governments and organizations with human-centered technology and customized solutions to efficiently deliver resources and funding, positively impacting residents’ lives. Similar to previous programming solutions designed for Milpitas communities, FORWARD will work closely with the City to design an equitable and accessible application process, amplify existing partnerships between the City and local community-based organizations to reach targeted communities, application intake and review, award processing, and reporting. 

FORWARD is honored to partner with Milpitas in administering the City’s Workforce Housing Rental Assistance Program (WHRAP). Julia Erdkamp, Director at FORWARD, underscores our shared commitment to enhancing financial and housing security in California. “We share the City’s priority of increasing financial and housing security here in California,” said Julia Erdkamp, Director for FORWARD. “And it’s not just about getting the assistance out quickly; it’s about using evidence-based policy to identify where these funds will have the biggest impact.”

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Do you need a solution to deliver Permanent Local Housing Authority (PLHA) to your community equitably? Join Milpitas, Long Beach, Antioch, and many other California communities in partnering with FORWARD to develop human-centered solutions to accelerate equity and access for your community.

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