Saline County Weatherization Assistance Program to administer $500K to help reduce energy costs for low-income households

Salina, Kansas (December 1, 2022)—FORWARD, the leading integrated program administration solution for local governments, is partnering with Saline County to provide $500,000 for residents in low-income households to reduce energy costs. The Central Kansas Weatherization Program will distribute the funding to qualifying households in Saline County using State resources to further promote the energy efficiency of homes across the county. 

The program will allow residents the opportunity to improve inefficient appliances and infrastructure in their homes. Following a pre-inspection by the county, qualifying improvements include furnaces, insulation, water heaters, roof vents, infiltration work, and refrigerators. 

“Saline County residents continue to be burdened by increased energy costs and are in need of immediate relief. The Central Kansas Weatherization Program offers a sustainable, long-term solution for residents while optimizing their homes and health and safety,” said Mike Peterson, Executive Director at Community Housing Development Corporation of Central Kansas. “Partnering with FORWARD to distribute funding for this program provides Saline County with the necessary infrastructure to efficiently bring this program to fruition.”

The Central Kansas Weatherization Program approved FORWARD as the program administrator contractor on October 18, 2022 to assist with community outreach, application support, and screening for eligibility in a way that uses taxpayer dollars efficiently. Applicants and qualifying households can expect the following:

  • To apply though FORWARD’s online application portal, available in 68 languages
  • Access to application support available in multiple languages via phone, text and email
  • To meet income requirements and own a property in Saline County
  • To submit proof of home ownership, income, and identification
  •  Eligible households will work with Saline County to identify possible inefficiencies throughout their homes

“FORWARD is thankful to partner with Community Housing Development Corporation of Central Kansas on the distribution of government funding to residents across Saline County as they improve energy costs,” said Adnan Mahmud, CEO of FORWARD Platform. “Working with community organizations and using our advanced application screening tools, our team is well equipped to ensure funding is dispersed quickly and equitably, targeting those that are eligible and need relief the most.”

Households with qualifying income within the boundaries of Saline County, Kansas are eligible to apply for the program. Applications for the Central Kansas Weatherization Program will open on December 1, 2022. To learn more and to apply visit:


The FORWARD Platform is the leading comprehensive Integrated Program Administration (IPA) solution for state and local governments across America. FORWARD modernizes the governments approach to administering programs by integrating all essential services, components, people, and technology into a single, streamlined, secure solution. From setting up the application back-end, community outreach, marketing, support in multiple languages, eligibility screening, fraud detection, and distribution, to reporting. FORWARD platform distributes resources faster than ever before while also cutting waste, fraud and administration costs. FORWARD has already helped governments administer dozens of programs to get resources to households and businesses quickly, cost-effectively, and securely. To learn more, visit

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