Suzanne Campbell Named VP of People and Culture at FORWARD

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Suzanne Bridgeford Campbell has been named the Vice President of People and Culture at FORWARD, the leading integrated program administration solution for local governments. In her new role, Bridgeford Campbell will build out a Human Resources framework that will enable the organization’s growth while promoting its existing culture, diversity and purpose.

“Suzanne has a rich and distinct professional background where she has helped many organizations grow while building a strong workplace environment,” said Adnan Mahmud, CEO of FORWARD. “She is perfectly suited for a role that is responsible for introducing resources and processes that will enhance our workplace communication and enable organizational growth.

As Vice President of People and Culture, Bridgeford Campbell will work to enhance FORWARD’s mission and vision statements while emphasizing the organization’s values. With those values in mind, Bridgeford Campbell will work to create and implement processes designed to reinforce the company’s mission while equipping employees to highlight their unique skillsets in their work. 

As FORWARD continues to utilize an “at-home” work environment, Bridgeford Campbell will heighten the company’s communication processes and draw on employees’ geographic diversity to build a strong organizational culture. With a workforce that includes employees with various backgrounds, Bridgeford Campbell can also tap into the many perspectives each employee brings to the organization and encourage employees to be authentic while at work.

“The people at FORWARD are passionate about providing equity and access to resources for communities,” added Suzanne Bridgeford Campbell. “It is powerful to see the impact these programs can make. I hope to draw on this enthusiasm to enhance FORWARD’s diverse workforce and continue the great work our people do.”

Before her role with FORWARD, Bridgeford Campbell led human resource teams for organizations like Wrangler + Co., Flexe, and Lifetime Brands. She also worked with Amazon as a Launch Team Member where she participated in multiple international launch teams in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Bridgeford Campbell, a University of Montana graduate, is also an Associate Certified Coach and a certified emotional quotient consultant.

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