Transform Case Management with FORWARD



In an ever-evolving digital landscape, non-profit organizations face unique challenges in case management and struggle with outdated manual systems that put client data at risk.

FORWARD, in partnership with Microsoft, is excited to present an exclusive webinar: “Transform Case Management with FORWARD” to help nonprofit leaders streamline client and resource management and accelerate service delivery.

Transform case management through technology when you RSVP today! 

Why Should You Attend?

Discover Innovative Solutions: Learn how FORWARD Sync, powered by Microsoft’s robust technology, can transform your organization’s case management processes.

Expert Insights: Hear from industry leaders and tech experts about the latest trends and best practices in non-profit technology and case management

Real-World Applications: Understand how FORWARD Sync can be implemented in your organization through live demonstrations and success stories.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with other non-profit professionals and share experiences and ideas.


A cutting-edge Client Management Platform, where every detail matters and every connection counts.

FORWARD Sync is your go-to solution for advanced, secure, and smooth client and resource management operations. Its innovative features, robust security measures, and user-friendly interface make it a great solution for non-profit organizations. 

Client Management Platform Solution Benefits

FORWARD’s revolutionary approach to client management simplifies processes, boosts efficiency, fosters inter-agency collaboration, improves data reporting, and elevates client experience. Discover how our solution can transform your operations and empower your community.

Innovative Coordination: We understand that non-profits deal with a diverse range of clients and resources. FORWARD Sync securely captures comprehensive client information, conducts needs assessments, seamlessly adds case notes, and effortlessly tracks changes—all within a fortified online profile. Your organization’s data isn’t just managed; it’s elevated to a new level of organization and accessibility, ensuring that you can better serve those in need.

Revolutionary Collaboration: Collaboration is key in the non-profit sector. FORWARD Sync offers real-time collaboration that transcends traditional boundaries. Share case notes seamlessly, manage referrals with unparalleled ease, and enroll clients in programs with just a click. Your non-profit doesn’t just cooperate; it thrives in a networked ecosystem that maximizes impact, helping you make a greater difference in your community.

Unified Communication Hub: Effective communication lies at the heart of non-profit service delivery. FORWARD Sync ensures unparalleled efficiency in client communication. Send, receive, and store phone calls, text messages, and emails—all seamlessly integrated into each client’s profile. This unified communication hub doesn’t just connect; it elevates the quality and accessibility of critical information, fostering a holistic approach to client care that is essential for non-profit success.

Human-Centric Client and Resource Management Software Designed to Accelerate Service Delivery


Securely capture and track client information

  • Capture individual client information through a secure profile
  • Collect and store client information and data
  • Needs assessment and risk scoring
  • Securely store relevant documents
  • Track changes to client profiles
  • Add case notes to client profile


Securely contact clients from their profile

  • Send, receive, and store text messages and emails in one centralized place
  • Conduct outbound phone calls
  • Receive inbound voice messages
  • Realtime transcription and language translation of voice messages, texts, and emails
  • Obscure client contact information


Accelerate inter-agency collaboration

  • Real-time collaboration within client profiles
  • Share case notes across agencies
  • Referral and program management 
  • Role-based permissions
  • Case manager/Provider assignment


Track program progress and social impact

  • Securely import and export case information 
  • Generate custom reports 
  • Track program deliverables 
  • Secure data storage and management 
  • Protects user privacy
  • HIPAA and PII/PHI complaint 
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Fast-FORWARD your case management processes

FORWARD Sync isn’t just a tool; it’s a catalyst for change. It empowers your non-profit to reach new heights, break down barriers, and create lasting impact in your community. As a market leader, our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and communication sets the stage for agencies and nonprofits to not only manage cases but to accelerate the delivery of essential support and resources. 

Elevate your operations, exceed your targets, and lead with FORWARD Sync—where transformation meets excellence. Experience the difference that FORWARD Sync can make for your organization’s success.