The premier solution for integrated client and resource management

FORWARD sync is the leading client and resource management software for governments and nonprofits to synchronize communication, catalyze inter-agency collaboration and accelerate service delivery to communities. 

Traditional case management processes are inefficient and puts client data at risk

63% of case managers reported that their case management systems were not effective in helping them track client progress.

Nonprofits and public agencies are burdened by outdated manual processes when it comes to tracking client data, managing caseloads, and facilitating client communication. With manual case management processes, sensitive client information is often stored in vulnerable spreadsheets or paper files, leaving it susceptible to data breaches and unauthorized access. Also, client files are isolated within individual systems, which prevents public agencies from making necessary referrals to external organizations or other departments and leads to service gaps and increases the likelihood of clients slipping through the cracks. 

A digital solution that streamlines client and resource management for governments and nonprofits

FORWARD sync is the first of its kind case management solution designed for governments and nonprofits to assess needs, securely coordinate resources, collaborate with other agencies, communicate quickly with clients, and track program progress — all in one platform.  FORWARD sync features include – 
  • Centralized client profile
  • Intake and referrals
  • Make inbound and outbound calls, texts and emails
  • Collaboration and notetaking
  • Role-based permissions
  • Secure data storage

A stress-free platform to easily share information, communicate, and collaborate

Improve Coordination Of Services For Clients

Enhance Inter-Agency Collaboration

Foster Trust Through Communication & Secure Data

Human-Centric Client and Resource Management Software Designed to Accelerate Service Delivery​


Securely capture and track client information
  • Capture individual client information through a secure profile
  • Collect and store client information and data
  • Needs assessment and risk scoring
  • Securely store relevant documents
  • Track changes to client profiles
  • Add case notes to client profile


Securely contact clients from their profile
  • Send, receive, and store text messages and emails in one centralized place
  • Conduct outbound phone calls
  • Receive inbound voice messages
  • Realtime transcription and language translation of voice messages, texts, and emails
  • Obscure client contact information


Accelerate inter-agency collaboration
  • Real-time collaboration within client profiles
  • Share case notes across agencies
  • Referral and program management 
  • Role-based permissions
  • Case manager/Provider assignment


Track program progress and social impact
  • Securely import and export case information 
  • Generate custom reports 
  • Track program deliverables 
  • Secure data storage and management 
  • Protects user privacy
  • HIPAA and PII/PHI complaint 

Common Client and Resource Management Software Types

FORWARD sync makes it easy to customize and streamline client and resource management workflows for all kinds of service delivery. Here are use cases where the FORWARD sync client and resource management solution can improve client experience and accelerate service delivery to communities.

  • Case Management
  • Benefit Distribution
  • Homelessness Prevention
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Healthcare
  • Mental Health Services
  • Education
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Fast-FORWARD your programs

Our mission is to accelerate equity and access for communities by helping governments and nonprofits get to communities the funding and support they need and deserve. Tell us about your programs so we can evaluate your needs and help you design workflows and systems to help you serve more people while staying in compliance.