Tax Credit Program Solutions for Governments and Small Businesses

Simplifying Application Processing and Maximizing Impact

Complex Tax Programs Are Difficult to Manage and Understand

Local governments and small businesses are constantly searching for streamlined and efficient solutions for managing tax credit programs. As these programs become more complex and add more requirements, FORWARD’s government tax credit program management solution for small businesses and local governments has been a game-changer. Discover how we can help you create accessible, easy-to-understand programs that simplify tax credit management.


Complex Tax Programs Are Difficult to Manage and Understand

Many tax credit programs are complicated and intricate, with multiple compliance regulations making it difficult for communities or small businesses to understand the benefits of tax credits. Additionally, administering tax credit programs can be challenging, and small businesses and local governments may not have the staff or resources to review applications, verify eligibility, issue tax credit certificates, or protect their tax credit program from fraudulent activity. 


FORWARD’s tax credit program management solution for local governments and small businesses helps relieve the administrative burdens of meeting compliance and auditing requirements. Our solution is also ideal for individuals or small business owners who may not have access to a CPA or accountant to help them understand the complexities of tax credits. 

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From Application to Tax Credit Certification Deployment, FORWARD Is There

We want you to feel empowered and informed when working with tax credits, which is why our team is here to help you through every stage of the process. From design to application review to tax credit certificate distribution to reporting, FORWARD’s government tax credit program management solution for small businesses and local communities will help you do it all. 

Here’s how FORWARD simplifies tax credits. 

Program Management & Implementation

After designing your tax credit program solutions , we ensure smooth implementation with the following features:

Program Discovery

This is the first step of our process. Here, our team will work with you to understand your program administration needs, including identifying program goals, addressing funding requirements, and pinpointing any challenges that may arise.

Program Design

With the information gathered in discovery, we can design an accessible tax credit management solution that suits your needs and keeps you compliant with local and state regulations.

Go Live

We will launch your custom application portal and collaborate with local community-based organizations to reach your target community. Applicants can apply through our user-friendly application platform, available in 68 languages. After launch, our in-house support team provides multilingual application assistance via phone, chat, text, and email. 

Application Review and Processing

With FORWARD, it’s easy to stay on top of applicant communication. Our Communications Center allows you to send and receive phone calls, texts and emails directly from the applicant’s profile. With FORWARD’s Communications Center, you can provide timely updates to applicants while tracking all inbound and outbound communications in one centralized platform for ease of reporting and auditing.

Award Distribution

Once applicants are approved for tax credits, we’ll also help you with tax credit certificate distribution. We work with state tax entities to create and issue tax credit certificates via secure channels and accurately track all payments in one convenient place on the platform.


All information is stored within FORWARD, which makes reporting and audits easy. We provide real-time dashboards and custom reports to ensure you comply with your stakeholders.

Promote Economic Resiliency, Maintain Employment, and Make a Difference in Your Community

With FORWARD, you can make a more significant impact with less hassle — regardless of your team size. Our small business and government tax credit management solutions make it easier for you to make a positive impact in your company or community. When you choose to move FORWARD with us, you can:

  • Allow government program administrators to focus on serving and improving communities instead of program operations. 
  • Enhance community accessibility and improve applicant experiences. 
  • Increase business investments for activities that boost productivity and growth. 
  • Support job creation by making it easier for businesses to hire new workers. 
  • Promote innovation by reducing the cost of research and development. 
  • Help low- and middle-income families with tax credits designed for them to boost household income and reduce poverty. 

See FORWARD in Action

We’re proud of our work and how our government tax credit program management solution for small businesses and local governments makes a difference in various communities. One of our recent projects has been administering Empire State Development’s $250M COVID-19 Capital Costs Tax Credit Program to provide NY state small businesses impacted by COVID with tax credits of up to $25,000. 

You can view our case studies for other instances of FORWARD’s impact: 










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A nimble and adaptable back-office superpower, FORWARD is being leveraged by governments and nonprofits across the nation to streamline program workflows and increase capacity to help households and businesses towards economic resiliency.

FORWARD administers economic and community development programs, including but not limited to the following programs:


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Our government tax credit program management solution helps governments and agencies assist those who need it most. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with your agency to impact your community positively.