The City of Takoma Park and FORWARD to administer $2M to residents economically impacted by COVID-19 pandemic

Takoma Park, Maryland (October 25, 2022)— FORWARD, the leading integrated program administration solution for local governments, is partnering with the City of Takoma, MD to provide a $1,000 one-time, lump-sum payment to eligible low-income households experiencing economic burdens.

The Direct Cash Assistance Program is administering a total of $2 million using State, and Local Recovery Funds received under the American Rescue Plan Act. FORWARD, the prime contractor for this program, is working with Shepherd’s Table, a local nonprofit, on initial outreach and marketing to ensure those that need relief the most know how to apply.

“Takoma City residents continue to be burdened by the economic ramifications of the pandemic and are in need of immediate relief,” said Roz Grigsby, Community Development Manager for Planning, City of Takoma, MD. “FORWARD’s integrated program administration tool expands the City’s capacity to manage the direct cash program while being sensitive to the cultural, linguistic and technology needs of the community, mitigating potential barriers for community members.”

The Takoma City Council approved FORWARD as the program administrator contractor on July 27, 2022 to assist with community outreach, application support, screening for eligibility and sending payments in a way that uses taxpayer dollars efficiently. Applicants and qualifying households can expect:

  • To apply though FORWARD’s online application portal available in 68 languages
  • Access to application support available in multiple languages via phone, text and email
  • To present verification of income and proof of residency
  •  Eligible households receive payment by paper check

“FORWARD is proud to provide end-to-end programming support to the City of Takoma as the community continues to navigate pandemic-related hardships,” said Adnan Mahmud, CEO of FORWARD Platform. “Our team is committed to incorporating equity into every aspect of this program and will work with the City to reach traditionally hard-to-reach communities.”

Households with an income of less than $50,000 located within the boundaries of Takoma Park, MD are eligible. To learn more and to apply visit


The FORWARD Platform is the leading comprehensive Integrated Program Administration (IPA) solution for state and local governments across America. FORWARD modernizes the governments approach to administering programs by integrating all essential services, components, people, and technology into a single, streamlined, secure solution. From setting up the application back-end, community outreach, marketing, support in multiple languages, eligibility screening, fraud detection, and distribution, to reporting. FORWARD platform distributes resources faster than ever before while also cutting waste, fraud and administration costs. FORWARD has already helped governments administer dozens of programs to get resources to households and businesses quickly, cost-effectively, and securely. To learn more, visit



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