Volusia County and FORWARD Team Up to Administer $2.2M to Provide Rebates to Property Owners in DeLeon Springs

Volusia County and FORWARD are joining forces to make a positive environmental impact in DeLeon Springs. Through the Volusia County Septic Upgrade Incentive Program, property owners can now receive rebates of up to $10,000 per septic system upgrade. This initiative aims to reduce nitrogen contributions, safeguard local waterways, and create a healthier future for the community.

Maximizing Rebates for Sustainable Upgrades

Property owners in DeLeon Springs can take advantage of substantial rebates of up to $10,000 for upgrading their conventional septic systems. To be eligible for the program, residents must meet the following requirements:

  • Work must be done within the DeLeon Springs Priority Focus Area
  • Must be single- or two-family residences or mobile homes with existing conventional systems
  • Work must be done by a registered septic system contractor and/or state-licensed plumber
  • Must be an installation of nitrogen-reducing onsite sewage treatment and disposal system enhancements

Contractors for property owners in the Priority Focus Area (PFA) of DeLeon Springs are welcome to apply. 

A User-friendly Rebate Management Solution for Local Government

Volusia County has approved FORWARD as the program administration contractor, ensuring efficient community outreach, application support, eligibility screening, and award distribution. When applying through FORWARD’s online application portal, applicants can expect the following benefits:

  • A user-friendly online application available in 68 languages
  • Access to application support through FORWARD’s multilingual call center via phone, text, and email
  • Registered septic system contractors and/or state-licensed plumbers can upload  documentation through an online portal

Accelerating Environmental Preservation with FORWARD

FORWARD is honored to partner with Volusia County to implement the Septic Upgrade Incentive Program. “At FORWARD, we are proud to work alongside Volusia County in implementing the Septic Upgrade Incentive Program, which will provide affordable solutions for community members to reduce nitrogen output”, said Adnan Mahmud, CEO of FORWARD. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the program is executed efficiently and effectively, delivering the best possible outcomes for the environment and the community.”

Learn more about the Volusia County Septic Upgrade Incentive Program by visiting https://forwardplatform.com/volusia-county-septic-grant-program/

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