Small Business Rebate Programs Management Solution

Securely administer Small business rebate programs to communities in need. 


Enhance Small Business Rebate Programs with FORWARD

When it comes to small business rebate program management solutions for local governments, you want a platform that simplifies application processing and eligibility determination while making it easier to track fund awards and monitor program success. At FORWARD, our platform is personalized and streamlined to enhance your community assistance programs by maximizing their impact on users and simplifying program management and administration for you. Let’s help you move FORWARD with successful and easy-to-use rebate management tools. 


Limited Capacity to Administer Complex Rebate Programs

Rebate programs can be complex to understand, and navigating the rules and determining eligibility can be challenging. Maintaining the capacity to administer these programs is also tricky, resulting in longer application times, fewer approvals, potential errors, and difficulty tracking distributions. 

With FORWARD’s rebate program management solution for small businesses, it becomes easier, faster, and more effective to review and approve applications and generate, distribute, and track rebates.

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A Convenient Platform With Everything in One Place

If you’re looking for a small business rebate program management solution for local governments, FORWARD is here to help. Our convenient and easy-to-use platform keeps all of your program information in one place, making it simple to tackle anything from application reviews to rebate distributions and everything in between. 

Here’s how our team and solution move you FORWARD. 

Program Discovery

Our program management team works closely with you to understand how we can create a rebate program that fits your needs. We consider factors such as funding requirements, program goals, and any challenges you may have to ensure we understand everything that needs to be included in your customized program. 

Application Review and Processing

As applications enter the platform, our dedicated specialists will review all applications and documentation to ensure eligibility. Our specialists are also trained to flag and prevent fraudulent activity, so you can trust that your program is accurate, compliant, and helping the people who need it most. 

Award Distribution

Our user-friendly online application portal is fully-customizable on the back-end and makes it easy for applicants to access and complete their submissions. The portal is available in 68 languages and can be tailored to your program’s specific requirements, which allows you to capture the data you need and improves access for diverse communities.


Part of distribution management and compliance maintenance is detailed and accurate reporting. With all of your information stored in the FORWARD platform, you’ll have instant access to real-time dashboards and program data to make custom reports for your stakeholders. 

Stress-Free Rebates for Businesses and Households

FORWARD’s government rebate program management solution for small businesses is a stress-free and easy-to-use solution that streamlines rebate management systems from the back end. All your data is compiled in one place, making it easy to track program success and identify inefficiencies. Additionally, the user-friendly platform allows applicants to apply and track their status with ease quickly. 

One of the best ways to see FORWARD in action is to take a look at our case studies.

For one of our recent wins, we worked with Volusia County in Florida to provide $2.2 million to property owners in DeLeon Springs. These rebates were distributed based on sustainable upgrades for septic systems, and eligible applicants could have received up to $10,000 in rebates for the work completed. 

Clean Energy Incentives for Communities

As part of our government rebate program solution for small businesses, we also help advance home energy performance-based, whole-house rebates that align with the HOME Rebates program. These rebates fall under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which focuses on addressing climate change and promoting the clean energy transition in the United States. 


With the IRA program, grants are given to states to provide rebates for energy efficiency retrofits, ranging from $2,000 – $4,000 for individual households and up to $400,000 for multi-family buildings. To break this down further for single-family homes, any retrofit that reduces energy loss by 20% or more can get up to $2,000 in rebates. For retrofits that promote energy savings by 35% or more, the rebate distribution could be up to $4,000. These maximum rebate funds could be doubled for retrofits done on low- and moderate-income homes. 

Robust Applicant Tracking and Management

With the FORWARD rebate program management solution for local governments, you get comprehensive and detailed applicant tracking information to simplify program administration. You’ll be able to: 

  • Easily handle large amounts of data for many applicants 
  • Capture applicant information through a user-friendly application portal available in 68 languages 
  • Capture applicant information through the custom form builder 
  • Review applications for eligibility 
  • Handle rebate and voucher distribution 
  • Track all of your data in one convenient place 

Develop Local Partnerships to Maximize Rebate Distribution in Your Community

To help move your work FORWARD, we help you develop solid partnerships in your community. We do this by: 

  • Helping you partner with local, community-based organizations 
  • Offering partner training and support 
  • Expanding your outreach and target communities through trusted messengers 

Streamline Reporting and Distribution of Rebates and Vouchers

With our small business rebate program solution for local governments, it’s never been easier to handle rebate reporting and distribution. The platform securely captures and stores all your data in one centralized location so you can quickly access the information you need to compile reports, track distributions, or view the impact of awards that have already been handed out. 










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A nimble and adaptable back-office superpower, FORWARD is being leveraged by governments and nonprofits across the nation to streamline program workflows and increase capacity to help households and businesses towards economic resiliency.

Our small business rebate program management for local governments works for a variety of programs, including:


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Our customized solution is streamlined to make program management and administration quicker and more effective for local communities. If you’re ready to see the impact our platform can have on your community’s assistance programs, schedule a demo with us today.